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Referral and Brokers

Join Our Team for a Promising Future

Kenbry Capital prides itself on its diverse team of brokers and its ability to work with various referrals. Our experience means we have the knowledge and capability to help you and clients close deals and build relationships. Our talented pool of finance specialists can help you preview transactions and submit applications. If you choose to work with our team, you will experience several benefits, including:

  • Industry-leading referral fees and commissions on funded projects 
  • Continuing and high-quality relationships 
  • Prompt payments 
  • Transparent fee disclosures 
  • Reciprocal referrals for returning clients 

Work With a Qualified Team

Through support and a diverse finance portfolio, we stand behind all participants in our referral and broker program. We have open sales positions across the United States and look forward to hearing from interested parties. For future and current employees, we provide several advantages over other firms:

  • Quick loan application turnarounds with resources 
  • Versatile lending programs 
  • Talented industry professionals for support 
  • Excellent and fair commissions 
  • Identity and financing resources, allowing work-from-anywhere opportunities 
  • Career support and coaching 

Characteristics of Highly Successful Team Members

If you wish to join our team, we expect you to have certain attributes besides the required financial knowledge. One of the most essential attributes of any successful salesperson is confidence. Confidence is not the same as ego. You need to handle rejection without taking offense or offending others. You also need to possess resilience to rejection, meaning you can get back to work without issue.

We also expect salespeople to maintain a friendly disposition, and we find that a sense of humor is necessary for a people-focused business. Finally, if you want to find success in our referral and broker program, you will need excellent organizational skills, and you will need to be a self-starter and go-getter.

Contact Our Team Today

If you are self-motivated and hard-working, we are waiting to hear from you. Contact a Kenbry Capital representative to learn more about our program and career opportunities.