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Entrepreneurship can often feel like an isolating experience. This is why it is even more important to spend time and energy networking. You can rely on your networks for advice, mentorship, community support and business connections, all of which can inform your path to success. If you want to expand your network to develop a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, here are six tips.

Keep Track of Those You Know

Building your network requires new connections; however, you also need to invest in those connections. Establishing new relationships can expand your network, but you also need to fortify the relationships you have if you want a robust and vibrant community.

Reach Out Through Social Media

With the dawn of the digital age, networking is easier than ever. Dive into social media and connect with others through messages, groups, or online events. You may be surprised at the strong relationships you can build through these platforms.

Make a Name for Yourself

Another great way to make connections as an entrepreneur is to make a name for yourself at speaking engagements, online publications, or events. Whether you prefer podcasts, panels, articles, or event planning, take the initiative to get your name out there.

Connect Through Existing Networks

There are a vast number of resources available to entrepreneurs. Whether you tap into online resources, in-person meetups, or professional organizations, there are an endless number of avenues through existing networks to connect with like-minded professionals. Don’t feel like you need to recreate the wheel to build up a formidable network.

Check out Local Resources

Although you can connect with professionals with similar pursuits from all over the world, don’t be afraid to engage with those a bit closer to home. Local resources, especially those offered by small business communities in your area can be immensely useful. Not only can these be valuable relationships and support networks, but they also are often attuned to the local politics, concerns, and trends in your community that may influence your business.

Mentor and Be Mentored

Mentorship is a valuable tool for any professional; however, it is even more important for entrepreneurs. You can learn so much from more seasoned business owners and implement their learned lessons to guide your decision-making processes. Although having a mentor can be valuable, mentoring others can also expand your network. You may be surprised by how valuable these relationships can be toward your future success.

Networking is one of the most important tools for any entrepreneur. Not only can it help you feel less lonely, but it can also influence and support your success. Build a vibrant network with these six must-try tips.