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Business owners looking to improve their market share should recognize that brand reputation is as important as customer retention. Today’s customer demands that businesses respond to needs in the local community and globally. Adding eco-friendly business strategies can help you improve your business’ reputation. In addition, many modifications are inexpensive but have a big impact. Even employees have a more positive experience working for companies that strive to improve the environment. Here are some ways you can make your business more environmentally friendly.

Vet Vendors

Work with vendors that are Fair Trade Certified or are working toward certification. You can also ask suppliers to participate in specific green trade practices. Following are some policies that indicate a company acts responsibly:

  • Pay employees a fair wage
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing practices
  • Source local and sustainable raw materials
  • Use biodegradable, recyclable, or renewable materials in packaging

Create a Green Team

Ask employee volunteers to develop eco-friendly business strategies. Even small changes, such as removing disposable kitchen products, can have a large impact. All employees should be able to suggest ways to improve your company’s environmental footprint. Asking employees to create solutions increases their commitment to change.

Recreate Marketing Materials

When reordering marketing materials, try to make each product more sustainable than the last. A wheat straw coffee mug with your logo will be used longer than a mouse pad. Select tote bags that are a functional size, and customers are more likely to use them. Look for products made from sustainable materials – bamboo lip balm, recycled fleece blankets, or recycled paper journals. Take business gifting to the next level by making a cash donation to your preferred non-profit in honor of your customer. Send a simple holiday card with a note explaining the donation.

Reduce Paper

Send electronic invoices, rather than mailing paper bills. You can also save on paper and mailing costs by accepting electronic payments. They are typically less expensive to process, and you receive your funds faster. Many businesses offer discounts to customers that pay this way.

Redesign Packaging

Eco-friendly business design starts with eco-friendly packaging. Compostable packaging allows the end-user to place the item in their compost bin. Use plastics made of a single material to make it easier to recycle. Branded reusable bags can leave a positive impact on your company and the environment.

Taking the time to improve your environmental footprint benefits your business on multiple levels.